Package “PACHAMAMA Ancentral Retreat” 3night/2days

PACHAMAMA Ritual, Hike to Pumahuanca, and Moray Archaeological Agriculture Complex

This concept highlights authenticity, spirituality, and connection with the land, offering visitors an enriching and memorable experience in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Join us at PACHAMAMA RETREAT and embark on a transformative journey where every moment connects you with the spiritual and cultural essence of the Andes. Discover beyond panoramic views, embrace the authenticity of Andean life, and let your spirit soar with each memorable experience.

Day 1: Chupani Anden Community, Pachamama Ceremony, Archaeological Center Visit, Kayarakay Wasi Qollas in Púmahuanca, Suttuc Paccha Andean Community

Morning: Arrival and Welcome

Arrival at Mama Green Veggie Hostal:

  • Welcome drink (local herbal infusion).
  • Introduction to the retreat and overview of the two-day experience.
  • Distribution of ritual items for the Pachamama ceremony.

Late Morning: Visit to Chupani Anden Community

  • Transportation to the Chupani Anden Community.
  • Immersion into local Andean culture, interaction with community members.

at 8am-12pm

with PACHAMAMA Retreat

Midday: Pachamama Ceremony

Pachamama Ceremony:

  • Conducted by a local shaman or community leader.
  • Ritual honoring Pachamama (Mother Earth) with offerings, prayers, and gratitude.

Kayarakay “Wasi Qollas” in Pumahuanca:

  • Exploration of an Inca archaeological site.
  • Guided tour explaining the historical and cultural significance.
  • Visit to Kayarakay Wasi Qollas, learning about traditional Andean architecture and lifestyle.

Visit to Suttuc Paccha Andean Community:

  • Interaction with locals, cultural exchange, and learning about traditional practices.
  • Dinner with local Andean cuisine.

at 12pm-17pm

with PACHAMAMA Retreat

Night: Return to Accommodation

Return to Mama Green Veggie Hostal:

  • Transportation back to the retreat.
  • Free time for relaxation and reflection.

at 18pm

with PACHAMAMA Retreat

Day 2: Maras Andean Settlement, Inca Agricultural Center Moray, and Salineras

Morning: Breakfast and Departure

Breakfast and Arrival at Pachamama Retreat:

  • Local and nutritious veggie breakfast at Mama Green.

Departure to Maras Andean Settlement:

  • Transportation to Maras, an Andean settlement with historical significance.

Visit to Inca Agricultural Center Moray:

  • Exploration of Moray’s agricultural terraces, designed for experimentation with crops.

at 9am-12pm

with PACHAMAMA Retreat

Midday: Visit to Salineras

Visit to Salineras (Inca Salt):

  • Guided tour of the Salineras, where natural salt is harvested using ancient Inca methods.
  • Learn about the cultural and economic importance of salt in the region.

Return to Urubamba

  • Transportation back to Urubamba.
  • Lunch with local flavors and organic ingredients.
  • Visit AMA restaurant for the lunch.

Return to Mama Green Veggie Hostal:

  • Group reflection on the experience.
  • Farewell ceremony and sharing of final thoughts and experiences.

at 12pm-6pm

with PACHAMAMA Retreat

Love Pachamama Retreat?

Benefits of the Experience:


  • Deep Cultural Immersion: Connect with the authenticity of the Sacred Valley through meaningful interactions with local communities and historical sites.
  • Spiritual Connection: Participate in ancestral ceremonies that strengthen your bond with the land and its people.
  • Historical Exploration: Uncover the rich history of the Incas through guided tours of well-preserved archaeological sites.
  • Sustainable Impact: Support responsible tourism practices that promote conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the Sacred Valley.

From $350 per person

From $390 per person + 3 nigth room